Installing DynAikonTrap#


Prerequisites for this page are, that your Raspberry Pi

  1. Has Raspberry Pi OS Buster,

    Note that this is not the latest Raspberry Pi OS. Check /etc/os-release to see what VERSION_CODENAME you have. It must be buster.

  2. Has the camera module enabled, with a camera module that is working and in focus,

  3. Has an expanded filesystem, and

  4. You are comfortable logging in to your Raspberry Pi remotely over ssh,

If not, please refer to the sections Preparing the Raspberry Pi.


Unfortunately, DynAIkonTrap only works on Raspberry Pi systems at the moment. This is because of deep integrations with the picamera module.

Install on RPi#


Make sure your Raspberry Pi is up-to-date:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Then download and install the dynaikontrap-meta package which contains all the required non-python system dependencies for DynAIkonTrap.

wget -P /tmp/
sudo apt install /tmp/dynaikontrap-meta.deb

Now you are ready to install DynAIkonTrap. Choose whether you would like to install

  • From pre-packaged source This is the easiest way to install DynAIkonTrap. This will install the latest release, packaged by us.

  • Manually from source This will allow you to add your own changes to DynAIkonTrap, or to switch to an exact version.

From pre-packaged source#

This is easily done with one command

pip3 install

Manually from source#

This option allows you to edit the source before installing. First ensure git is installed

sudo apt install git

and then

git clone

This will download the source tree to dynaikontrap. Enter the directory and checkout to a commit of your choosing. Be aware that only tagged commits > 1.5.1 will successfully build to a package. List tags with

git tag --sort=taggerdate --list 'v[0-9]*'

You may also wish to make changes to the code. Once you are ready to install your modified version of DynAIkonTrap, enter the root of the source tree and execute

python3 sdist
pip3 install ./dist/DynAIkonTrap-x.y.z.tar.gz

Where x.y.z will be the version of the checked-out code.