Building Documentation#

This page documents how to build the documentation. You can use these steps to check everything displays correctly locally before pushing changes.

There are currently two options to build documentation: using a docker container or manually. We recommend using the Docker method to guarantee that the documentation builds correctly.


This assumes you are in the DynAikonTrap/docs directory.

First initialise a virtual environment

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip

Install the requirements from the DynAIkonTrap module and those required for building the documentation.

# To allow building on non-RaspberryPi platforms
# Install the DynAIkonTrap dependencies
pip install -r ../requirements.txt
# Install the dependencies required for building the documentation
pip install -r requirements.txt

Now build the documentation

make clean
make html

To read the documentation navigate your web browser (Firefox/Chrome) to DynAikonTrap/docs/build/html/index.html.