Provides a simple interface for processing captured events from :class: ~DynAIkonTrap.filtering.remember_from_disk.EventRememberer. Encapsulated are methods for iterating over an event in spiral inference pattern, and running inference by calling ~DynAIkonTrap.filtering.animal.AnimalFilter.

Events are loaded from disk before frames are processed to keep memory usage at sensible levels, each frame is loaded only when required for inference with multiple read operations requested throughout processing an event. Indices of each frame data are assumed to already have been tagged within the :class: ~DynAIkonTrap.filtering.remember_from_disk.EventData class.

The main method, () returns


EventProcessor(animal_detector, event_fraction)

class EventProcessor(animal_detector: AnimalFilter, event_fraction: float)#
static delete_event(event: EventData)#

Static method to delete an event on disk.


event (EventData) – Event to be deleted.

static notify_human(timestamp)#