November 12, 2021 by Stefan Rueger

Job Opening

We are pleased to a announce a UK-based job opportunity for developing deep learning applications for biodiversity monitoring (animal focused).

Specifics: Train NN models (based on the MMdetection framework) using the Amazon web services resources to detect animals from camera traps

Join a small team developing exciting applications “at the edge” and “on the cloud” to better service biodiversity monitoring, with a focus on animal welfare, providing affordable solutions to citizen scientists and specialists, as well as governments, local councils, and other organisations.

DynAikon is an R&D startup, developing IP, software and hardware. We have received funding from Innovate UK, Digital Catapult (Machine Intelligence Garage) and the EU (Horizon 2020). We are part of a current international consortium at the crossings of biodiversity monitoring and citizen science, with a focus on integrating AI and Machine Learning in the new services we develop. You will have access to this special network of international multi-disciplinary experts.

What we are looking for

You have an inquisitive mind, you are passionate about nature and exploring technological and scientific solutions to better understanding it. You have concrete experience in programming (esp. Python), including in applications of computer vision, machine learning, esp. recent deep learning methods applied to the detection and identification of objects in images and videos.


  • Experience with Amazon Web Services for training our ANNs
  • Experience with Python, and PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • Experience in building applications that deploy computer vision or image processing
  • Experience with MMdetection
  • Experience with Docker

Be ready to present examples of your projects and discuss these in depth. Also provide an updated CV, list of references, publication list (if available), portfolio (eg. websites of projects, github repos, etc.) and Letter of motivation which can serve as a cover letter.

Being fluent in English (speaking, reading and writing) is essential.

Our current opening is only available for those having (already) the right to work in the UK.

Bonuses/extras (not essential):

  • A background in research, such as in published works is a bonus, but not essential at this stage
  • Experience (or interest) in preparing for a kickstarter funding run
  • Experience in other programming languages and frameworks using ML/AI (e.g. C/C++/C#, Unreal/Unity/Blender)
  • Experience with biodiversity monitoring tools, platforms
  • Experience with camera traps, drones
What we offer

You will work on problems and technologies at the state of the art (in AI, computer vision, deep learning, engineering).

You will contribute to projects that fits the “AI for good” agenda.

You will gain experience and skills of high market value.

This is paid work (as an employee) with usual benefits.

Part time or Full time is negotiable. Work with the team is currently mostly done remotely (online).

This is a time-limited project, rather than a permanent employment, but we envisage building a long-term relationship.

We are a start-up in a development stage and keep seeking new funding sources.

Interested? Contact