Open position: AI, vision, ML

Developer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning Research

We are looking for an R&D developer for a 12 month Government funded project investigating a new approach to movement computing (vision + machine learning). The ideal candidate is a gifted programmer who enjoys working with researchers and who is interested in publishing scientific  papers as much as progressing a research prototype. A recent PhD in a relevant Computing subject is a plus, but not strictly necessary.

Remote work is possible as is part-time engagement with the project.

DynAikon is a startup company: we develop novel techniques able to recognise different sequential gestures, to the level where they will describe and compute articulated movements in real time. Our proof-of-concept applications are with live media performances. The research outcomes would change the paradigm of creating, learning, performing, designing for live media arts, by giving feedback on performance after analysing, in real time, the streaming video of the performance.

The current opening is for a 12-month contract to work on an Innovate-UK funded project. The candidate should have a good understanding of cutting edge computer vision and ML algorithms and be keen to keep up to date with those developments. We want to exploit a perception-based approach to movement computing and shape understanding. The aim of the project is to develop tools and techniques on the basis of a previous prototype, which can be integrated within a graphical framework to deliver a more efficient and intuitive approach to movement computing applications, such as dynamic object tracking and parts recognition, for professionals in the creative industries and for live performances. The successful candidate will be part of a team of 5 people and be expected to contribute to publishing the results of our work.

Programming experience:

  •       preferred: algorithms written in C and C++
  •       preferred: experience with OpenGL or equivalent
  •       preferred: parallel algorithmic implementations, e.g. with GPGPU, or use of threads on CPUs, experience with OpenCL
  •       valued: node-based programming or familiarity with visual programming environment
  •       valued: experience in designing GUIs
  •       valued: experience programming with a physics engine or a games engine (e.g. Unreal)
  •       valued: dot net, C#, Microsoft Sql

Maths, AI:

  •       preferred: experience (best is projects) with ML, deep learning (or other NN technologies)
  •       preferred: image processing, video processing
  •       valued: audio and time-based function processing
  •       valued: experience with open platforms such as: Computer vision: OpenCV,  Robotics: ROS or YARP, NN: TensorFlow or equivalent

Other valued skills:

  •       knowledge in perception (literature or experimental)
  •       part and performance (DJ, VJ, Lighting or else)
  •       dance or dance notation systems
  •       engineering and building systems: machines, robots, AV systems
  •       writing papers: scientific or otherwise


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